Seeing things that others can is a gift....a gift everybody can have.

It was a hot, sunny day and a man was lounging at the hotel pool. Clad in bright orange swimsuit and sleek wrap-around sunglasses, the man casually sipped a frozen drink. Soon a woman lay down on the chair to the right of him and commented, “What a drag. There are clouds in the sky and one of them is going to cover the sun. It’s even getting cloudy.”

The man in the glasses replied, “No, it’s a wonderful day. Can’t you see the birds chirping in the trees? Can’t you see that the clouds and breeze will cool down the blistering heat?” In a moment, it started to sprinkle. The woman complained, “What did I tell you? This rain ruin’s everything.”

The man in the sunglasses said, “No it doesn’t. Can’t you see that the magnificent, fragrant flowers blossoming all around us and the freshly cut grass need the rain?”

Soon a couple pulled up chairs and sat down to the left of him. “You idiot. I can’t believe you locked the key in the room,” the man yelled at his wife. “Yeah, but you big imbecile, you forgot to bring the suntan lotion, “ she replied.

The man in the sunglasses interrupted, “Can’t you see there is another key at the front desk and probably lots of lotion in the gift shop? Can’t you see that fighting over shallow things is a waste of precious life? Don’t waster your vacation by whining over trivial matters.”

The mother sitting two seats away asked her son if he would please pick up a heavy box and take it to the car. He complained, “Oh, Mom, my back hurts, I’m tired, and ouch! I just got something in my eye!”

The man in the glasses turned to the lad. “ Can’t you see there are people in this world who would give anything just to be able to bend over and lift something?”

Just then a woman, came from behind the wall with a wheelchair. She helped hoist the paralyzed, blind man into the seat, rearranged his sunglasses, and carefully wheeled him out the gate and extended his telescopic white cane so that he could tap his way back to the positive environment of his hotel room.

Some people can see things others can’t. But actually, its just a matter of perspective.


12/25/2010 5:12pm

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01/03/2011 11:13pm

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08/16/2012 8:16pm

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09/04/2012 1:37am

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09/19/2012 11:28pm

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