Who would stop in the middle of his fast smooth easy carefree hassle-free sugar-free all-is-okay-don’t-worry trip on the free way to help change a flat tire? This one did. Read this…’coz it’s that good really.

On a chilly and miserable rainy day in early February 1996, one of the most affluent men in America was being driven down on the freeway when his personal limousine got a flat tire. His driver got out to survey the damage when a passing car stopped and a fellow traveler offered to change the tire. 

When the tire was in place, the wealthy owner slid open his window and said, “That was kind of you – what can I do to thank you?”

The man thought for a moment and then with a smile and a chuckle replied, “My wife would get a real kick out of your sending a dozen long-stemmed roses to her on Valentine’s Day.” The entrepreneur agreed to do so and drove off.

February 14 arrived and a beautiful box of long-stemmed roses showed up at the kind traveler’s door for his wife. Inside was a simple note, which read:

“Happy Valentine’s Day! Thanks for helping us out. Here are the roses I promised and, by the way, I paid off your mortgage.” – Donald Trump

It was always profitable to be kind – more profitable if your humble too.


10/05/2010 6:46pm

God give me work, until my life shall end. And life, until my work is done. --Epitaph of Winifred Holtby

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