One of my life's principles is this... "if you'll never try you'll never know..."

Read this...

          One day, a king placed a boulder on the middle of the road. He then hid a pouch behind the bounder, and waited in the bushes to see what will people do.
          Many noble men, knights, priests, and soldiers saw the boulder and complained why it was blocking the path. That was all they did—complained, complained, and complained some more.
          But later in the afternoon, a farmer walked on the road, saw the boulder, put down his stuff—and pushed it out of the way. When he did that, he saw the king’s purse underneath. He opened it and found it filled with the purest gold, including a note from the king. It said, “This is your reward. Because behind every boulder on the road of life is pure gold.”


08/16/2012 8:14pm

Despite the fact that I found this specific post genuinely interesting, I couldn’t help but to ponder whether or not the statistics you used are accurate. That claim seems fairly odd to me. Any thoughts whether or not it’s actually a fact?

09/04/2012 1:41am

Es gibt definitiv viele Einzelheiten wie das zu berücksichtigen. Das mag eine schöne Stelle zu vermitteln, bis sein. Ich liefere die Ideen über die allgemeine Inspiration, aber klar gibt es Fragen wie die, die Sie liefern bis an die Stelle ein sehr mächtiger Faktor in vertrauenswürdigen Treu und Glauben arbeiten werden.

09/19/2012 11:25pm

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09/27/2012 8:22pm

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