21 Success Secrets of Self-made Millionaires

Success Secrets of Millionaires
Here's your start-up kit after reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad, 21 Success Secrets of Self-made Millionaires by Brian Tracy. This book will guide you from zero to awesomeness - financial awesomeness too! A very practical and straight-forward approach we can all apply while reading the book. So read on! 

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Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad
Simply the best "eye-and-mind opener" of all time! Reading this book is like a switch, an ignition, to endless financial possibilities. Take it from me, this should have been a major subject in every curriculum back in college. This is not about getting rich and becoming a millionaire! No, in my own words, the book is about PEACE OF MIND....financially. And if you need that, read this.

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Who Moved My Cheese

Who moved my cheese
Sick of dealing with those close-minded-hardcore-traditional people who kills ideas and oppurtunities for growth? Ever wonder why your organization is not getting anywhere? Why everyone is so happy and energized outside while you are stuck? So do you want to get out and start moving on and be ahead of the rest? Well, then change!

Who Moved My Cheese? A great book by Dr. Spencer Johnson who discusses everything about change. This short one-sitting book revolves around our 4 cute characters: Sniff & Scurry and Ham & Haw. See how each dealt with one of the life's magical realities...change!

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7 Habits of Highly Effective People

7 basic habits of highly effective people
Here it is!!

The famous-bestseller by Stephen Covey who changed lives as it brings out one's personal and interpersonal skills at its finest. This book introduces 7 key practical habits that paves our way to success as proven by millions! Personally, I have attended seminars on this and its one of the best so far...the type of learning that stays IN you. 

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If You Want to Get Rich You've Go to Break the Law

Get Rich Now
Be inspired to get rich!

I've got this simple ebook on money early last year., its called BREAK THE LAW. It's all about attaining financial succes and to do that you have to break this certain law. (Don't worry, you wont get in jail with this.)

Found it very helpful since I am a young professional and no one ever taught us in school about handling money. And after a few months of testing and applying the books key points, honestly, it worked quite well for me! So now its your turn...

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